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SA-SAMS Patch 19.3.1 - Released 12 March 2020
SA-SAMS Patch 19.3.1
Release Date: 12 March 2020
Size: 63.34 MB

Extremely Important:

  • Always make a backup of you database prior to installing a new Patch.
  • Always ensure that you run Patches in the order that they are released, i.e. do not miss running a Patch in-between the following one.
  • Remember to make regular Backups of your SA-SAMS and School Library Module databases.
  • Some Provincial EMIS Sections choose to approve a new Patch first, before their users install it. Please confirm with them first, if in doubt.

Other Notes of Importance:

All changes are included on the document and recommendations on when to upgrade to 19.3.1.
Please note that schools that offers the following subjects are affected with capturing and reporting and should be prioritized:

  1. Tech Gr 7,2.
  2. CAT & IT Gr 11, 
  3. Dramatic arts Gr 10 & 11, 4.
  4. EMS Yr 2-4,5.      
  5. Marine Sciences Gr 10-126.
  6. German FAL Gr 10 -12

Upgrading to version 19.3.1
Version 19.3.1 contain corrections on various subjects that were identified by users. In term 1 only 5 subjects are affected with these changes i.e. Technology Gr 7 (removing one activity and changing Design total), CAT and IT Gr 11 (moving task from Term 2 and Term 1), TO: EMS Yr 2-4, Dramatic arts Gr 10 & 11.
2 new subjects was included on SA-SAMS: Marine Sciences Gr 10-12 and German 1st Additional Language Gr 10-12.  Schools offering these subjects should resubmit their databases in order to update the NSC Gr 12 registrations.

Recommendations with upgrading to 19.3.1

Recommendations for schools to ensure that the upgrade process is easy and smooth:

In case of schools using exported excel spreadsheets:

1. Keep on capturing on the exported spreadsheets – Except for Tech Gr 7, CAT & IT Gr 11, Dramatic arts Gr 10 & 11.
2. Import the exported spreadsheets – run / 13; for imported subjects
3. Run 12.9.18 for all grades except gr 7 and Gr 11
4. Install 19.3.1
5. Validate and capture marks for Tech Gr 7, CAT & IT Gr 11, Dramatic arts Gr 10 & 11, TO: EMS Yr 2-4.
6. Complete process for Gr 7 and Gr 11
7. Generate and print Quarterly schedule and learner reports
8. Validate all other affected subjects.

In case of schools that captures directly on SA-SAMS:
1. Install 19.3.1
2. Validate all affected subjects.
3. Continue capturing of marks for all systems
4. Generate and print Quarterly schedule and learner reports

After installation:

No post-installation actions are required.

SA-SAMS Patch:
Click here to download this Patch (from

SA-SAMS Release Notes:
Click here to download the Release Notes (Version Changes) for this Patch

If you get an error that some files cannot be updated during the installation process:make sure that SA-SAMS is closed on the Server computer and all other workstations, if SA-SAMS is networked.
Ashraf Edross
As reported by FSDoE EMIS:

"Unfortunately, CAT Grade 11 is partially fixed. The subject cannot be validated due to the Total Term Weight of 75 for the Term, which is incorrect on SA-SAMS."

At the time of writing, I have received no news in terms of how this will be rectified.
sed ipse spiritus postulat pro nobis, gemitibus inenarrabilibus

As per e-mail received from Carinne:

Quote:Dear Colleagues

In response to reported errors the following action:

To assist the schools with completion of the capturing of the Term 1 marks the following EMQ file (Errors and Omissions program) was created to correct the CAT, IT and LO on SA-SAMS.

Instructions on downloading and running the correct file:

1.      Download file by clicking on the link:

or here:

Please report any errors as soon as possible.

Kind regards

Carinne van der Westhuizen
Department of Basic Education
sed ipse spiritus postulat pro nobis, gemitibus inenarrabilibus

As per the attached EMQ file, it does not help in capturing LO grade 10 and 11, the Total SBA Weight is 102.5,which make it not possible to validate

I have intalled the file but the problem persist,
Please Help, maybe i did not do something correctly

Kind Regard
Hi Thapelo

The problem persists with Grade 10 and Grade 11 Life Orientation, as well as the CAT Grade 11's. Have asked DBE for assistance, still awaiting their reply.
Ashraf Edross
The link posted by Carinne is for the Errors, Omissions and Submission tool used by Free State Education. As such, it isn't an EMQ file to rectify errors in the database, rather a tool to check for errors.

Unfortunately, at this point in time, no formal fix exists for the problems experienced with Grade 10 & 11 LO and Grade 11 CAT.

It is advised that schools hang on until a formal patch to this effect is received from DBE.
sed ipse spiritus postulat pro nobis, gemitibus inenarrabilibus


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