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Error - Database Functions - Click to backup DB
Hey everyone (1st poster here),

I've recently deployed SAMS 19.3.0 as a client-server solution for a special needs school here in Durban, following the guides provided on

Am seeing the below error when using the "Database Functions" button and choosing "Click to Backup DB (Compact and Zip into Backup Folder)”.

[Image: sams-error.jpg]

Thinking it may have been an installation related issue, I've rolled back SAMS to patch 19.1.1 using a previous DB and the function works perfectly.

Going forward to 19.2.0, 19.2.1 or 19.3.0 and the error appears.

SAMS works fine and every time I log into the server and run SAMS it places a copy of the DB in the backup folder.  All clients work fine as well.

Any thoughts?

All I can think of is the user access (read,write) rights on the folder directory where the sams database is located. Has that folder been set to give "Everyone" access?

Have you also tried running the edusolsams.exe as "administrator"?
I already spoke to FSDoE EMIS about this and they reported it to DBE. I Also checked the Admin elevation, privileges (peer-to-peer and client-server sided) and UAC settings - nothing amiss there. It would seem the error is reported, but SA-SAMS does actually perform the DB Compact.

Try this:  make a backup copy of your database and then perform the compact. Check to verify if the database does compact or not (check the size, compared to the backup of the DB).  Please report back.
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