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Module 16.19 : Database Version Mismatch : SA-SAMS Version 19.1.1
Problem Symptoms:
When attempting to run 16.19 System: Errors and Omissions, you receive an error message stating a version mismatch between your school's actual database and the EdusolEMIS database, similar to the following:

Quote:Error: Database Version Mismatch
Current DB: 19.1.1
EdusolEmis.mdb: 19.1.0

You have already installed SA-SAMS Patch 19.1.1

Download and install the Errors & Omissions Patch.

Kindly note:
1. This is applicable to version 19.1.1 only, as the updated EdusolEMIS.mdb file was not included in the latest patch.

2. You will need to install it only on computers where you will be running the Errors & Omissions module, or if your school is starting to use SA-SAMS on version 19.1.1 for the first time, or if you assist a school in starting a new database on version 19.1.1.
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