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SA-SAMS Patch 19.1.0 Released: 14 May 2019
SA-SAMS Patch 19.1.0
Release Date: 14 May 2019
Size: 32.2 MB

Extremely Important:
  • Always make a backup of you database prior to installing a new Patch.
  • Always ensure that you run Patches in the order that they are released, i.e. do not miss running a Patch in-between the following one.
  • Remember to make regular Backups of your SA-SAMS and School Library Module databases.
  • Some Provincial EMIS Sections choose to approve a new Patch first, before their users install it. Please confirm with them first, if in doubt.
Other Notes of Importance:
  • None specified.
This version of SA-SAMS was released with the following updates:
  • New design of LURITS Deployment Report;
  • New "Learner Care and Support" Module (3.6);
  • New "Deworming Summary Sheet" Module (3.6.12);
  • New Permission/Consent Form - School Health Services (3.6.12);
  • EGD, Electrical Engineering and Civil Engineering Gr. 10 & 11 - Updated to 2019 PAT requirements;
  • Technical Science Gr. 12 - Corrected End of Year Practical;
  • FAL Gr. 2 (All FAL) - Corrected values of Term 2 "Term weight %");
  • English HL Gr. 3 - Corrected "-2" for first activity in Phonics;
  • Isizulu Gr. 8 - Corrected error;
  • Absentiseem - New reasons "Lack of Funds" and "Access to transport".
After installation:
  • No post-installation actions are required.
SA-SAMS Patch:
Click here to download this Patch (from

SA-SAMS Release Notes:
Click here to download the Release Notes (Version Changes) for this Patch.

If you get an error that not all files could be created during the extraction process:
  • make sure that SA-SAMS is closed on the Server computer and all other workstations, if SA-SAMS is networked.
  • right-click on the Patch file and select Run as Administrator.
  • follow the prompts.
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