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Introduction: Tshepo
Hi SA-SAMS Forumers
I am Tshepo Ntombela from Gauteng. I am a currently on the SA-SAMS 500 ICT Learnership and giving SA-SAMS Support & Technical Support to Under-performing Schools at The JC Region.. My aim is to make a difference and give lessons to teachers with SA-SAMS & Technical Support...

I am a young innovative person and did Information Technology & Computer Science at South West Gauteng College. I believe in lifelong learning and invest most of my time in self-teaching... i make use of the internet and learned from it (online learning) I taught myself Programming languages like C#, SQL,ASP.NET and Web Design and still learning a lot.. i believe that the youth of today are the leaders of tomorrow and our leaders should invest in us. I have noticed that There is a powerful energy that God assigned to young people with visions and some of us lose it due to lack of support from our leaders.

There is a huge Gap in terms of ICT Infrustucture & implementations at schools.. Smart Boards are not being used, most of the Labs have computers but are not being operated at all...some schools don't have CAT (Computer Applications Technology), this does not only affect schools but the nation as a whole. The world is drifting towards technicals and technology is evolving everyday...

The term "Born Before Technology" must not be part of our youth...

Thank you  Heart
Good point of view. Smile Welcome to the forum, Tshepo.
sed ipse spiritus postulat pro nobis, gemitibus inenarrabilibus


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