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3.5.6 Learner Aggregated Data Printouts
Can you add a report that can give the following information at a glance:

Learners living outside feeder area but enrolled in school; and 

Learners whose parents work (address) within feeder area

Also sections where parents information regarding address where they work when enrolment was accepted to allow for these stats.  Currently we only fill in place of work BUT NOT address.  This info is given on enrolment and would make drawing up stats much easier at a glance.
Any assistance will be appreciated.

Please send queries to the following for faster responses regarding requests for change.
The SA-SAMS directorate aren't involved in this forum

EMIS Directorate : Project Manager
Carinne van der Westhuizen: [email protected]
Phone: 012 357 3832
EMIS Directorate : Helpdesk Support
Pauline Ramphele: [email protected]
Phone: 012 357 3287

Dipuo Mashego: [email protected]
Phone: 012 357 4232

Weziwe Mati: [email protected]
Phone: 012 357 3833
If you cannot reach any of the above listed officials, kindly forward your query to:

Toll Free Number: 0800 202 933
Email: [email protected]
I would like to add to @username's comment:

The queries and requests are forwarded to the EMIS Directorate. We don't receive any response back - highly unfortunate, but simple as that.
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