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3.3.1 Print Blank Daily Attendance Register
Hi there

I have a request regarding layout of register. 

Currently only first name is used.  I know you can include Nickname BUT my issue is that it would make things easier if learner first and second name is used as we have many learners with the same first name and surname - often in same class.  This leads to confusion amongst educators when doing attendance and even marks.

Is there a way I can have this included or must I just put both names in First Name for now to resolve this issue.

Your assistance will be appreciated.

Please send queries to the following for faster responses regarding requests for change.
The SA-SAMS directorate aren't involved in this forum

EMIS Directorate : Project Manager
Carinne van der Westhuizen: [email protected]
Phone: 012 357 3832
EMIS Directorate : Helpdesk Support
Pauline Ramphele: [email protected]
Phone: 012 357 3287

Dipuo Mashego: [email protected]
Phone: 012 357 4232

Weziwe Mati: [email protected]
Phone: 012 357 3833
If you cannot reach any of the above listed officials, kindly forward your query to:

Toll Free Number: 0800 202 933
Email: [email protected]
Personally, I deem this a reasonable request. Request furnished to Carinne van der Westhuizen at the EMIS Directorate on 2018/05/29; user furnished with a carbon copy of the e-mail.

(05-16-2018, 01:29 PM)RosemaryB Wrote: ...must I just put both names in First Name for now to resolve this issue.

My advice would be:

Do NOT add the Second and Third Names to your First Name (ONLY) field in SA-SAMS, as it would compromise your database integrity and you will have to rectify it later on, which is going to be murderous if you have many learners.

Quote:Excerpt from e-mail:
  • SA-SAMS Reference:  3.3.1 Print Blank Daily Attendance Register
  • Scope:  Monthly and Weekly Learner Attendance Registers
Additional Requests and Comments:

1. The weekly attendance list already spans two pages when total learners in class exceed 37.  Please consider changing the layout to landscape to accommodate the Second and Third Names as well, instead of reverting to a smaller font, on a portrait layout.

2. The idea is to append the Surname, First Name, Second Name and Third Name in one field, e.g. VAN DER MERWE, Petrus Gerhardus Jacobus., whilst retaining the Accession Number in a separate column for both the Weekly and Monthly Attendance Registers.

3. Can the layout of the two reports please be spruced up a bit to make full use of available space?
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