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NSC Registrations
Good Day

We are getting the following error when trying to print any NSC Registration info, as far as i am aware there is going to be a new patch released to address this issue, but if you could please confirm the solution it would be greatly appreciated

Attached screenshot of error

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1) Try setting your PC's default printer to Microsoft's PDF Printer or similar.
2) Ensure all required pre-installation files have been installed (Initial Installation, Spread and latest Version)

It seems more like a Crystal Report Viewer error than SA-SAMS.

Please note that the Disabilities selection is outdated, and the XML generation inserts incorrect codes for any disabilities.
Thank you very much, will try that
Update on the proposed solution, still the same error Sad
From your screenshot I am guessing that the Learner's ID (Primary Key) in the Learner_Info table is 40430?

The problem identified will have to be remedied, as it is going to cause trouble in future, for sure, but it shouldn't be doing so at this stage.  Averaging between 1150 and 1250 learners during every academic year, we started using SA-SAMS in January 2007 and we are now in the mid 3000's in terms of the Primary Key.  My guess would be that quite a couple of attempts were made to copy and paste the data into the table to achieve such a number.

When initially bringing the data for a school into the SA-SAMS database from another third-party application's extracted data, always ensure that the AutoNumber field starts numbering at 1 for the first record.  This can be done by clearing out the contents of the table, then compacting the DB from within Microsoft Access and then pasting the data, once you have ironed out all the possible incompatibilities in data formats, or added incomplete data.  That being said, the various dependencies in terms of relationships between tables should always be considered in order to prevent problems and possible orphan records. These relationships aren't always visible in the DB itself, as it is possible to define your relationship by means of a SQL query, from code.

When a value exceeds 32767 (Integer) it will result in this error.  However, after checking the Primary Key in Learner_Info, it's stored as a Long Integer, which shouldn't cause this kind of trouble.  From a programming perspective, calling a Long Integer and treating it as an Integer, would result in a data type mismatch error in itself, unless a conversion of the value is done directly, before calling it from the SQL query, which I cannot say for sure without having access to the source code.

Your situation is not going to be remedied as easily, as the Subjects have already been assigned to Learners and to manually "sync" all the Primary Keys might turn out in a nightmare. I would suggest you communicate with Carinne directly about this problem and possible remedies.  If it was up to me, I would rather have started from scratch and done it properly.  I have tested on a couple of High School DBs from our Province and found no indication of this problem, yet.

Please keep us posted on any news received from Carinne in this regard.
sed ipse spiritus postulat pro nobis, gemitibus inenarrabilibus

Greeting Sarel, thank for the clarification and proposed solution. We have logged a call with the GDE IT desk and sent them the database, will keep you posted as soon as we receive a reply Smile
Thank you very much for the feedback, Pro-IT. Much appreciated. Smile
sed ipse spiritus postulat pro nobis, gemitibus inenarrabilibus


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