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System hangs at ....Please Wait....Checking Birthdays...
Hi all,

I am sitting with the following problem:

On my main PC (not a server) containing the main SASams database, when I try to access menu option 1. General School Information, system freezes on the pop-up showing ....Please Wait....    ..... Loading Birthdays.... and I have to stop SASams process.

This happens on the main PC (with database), with Win 8.1, and also on my own laptop with Windows 10, and on some others as well. But it works fine from some of the PC's on network loaded with the same Win 8.1 setup.

Have done the following already:

Re-installed SASams.
Re-installed Spread.
Set the UAC(User Account Control) setting to lowest. 

Any suggestions??
Did you test this again after setting the Compatibility on EdusolSAMS.exe to Windows 8?
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