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Snap Survey - HexagonHighSchool - 01-29-2017

Any assistance in terms of the snap survey.  I am not able to export the Emis Survey.  I Have downloaded the DepartmentEmis attachment but it does not allow me to access current (2017) data.


Malcolml Lentoor

RE: Snap Survey - SarelK - 01-30-2017

Hello Malcolm,

The last official documentation on the National Department of Education's website bears reference to SNAP Surveys for 2014, although the tool at my disposal includes 2015, but nothing after that. I know that some Provinces, like the Free State, are not required to submit separate SNAP survey stats. This is included in our weekly LURITS Deployment schedule.

1. Would you be so kind to post the link or send me the link to the attachment?
2. If you received a Circular/letter with instructions form your Provincial EMIS Department, please mail it to me at [email protected]?