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Awaiting LURITS Numbers - jansnyman1 - 04-17-2019

Only problem on my system comes via Valistractor Identifiers.  This Metric stays red because of missing LURITS NUMBERS.  Where and how do I get lurits numbers for all the learners in my school or when will they become available to schools.  Is there something specific that I have to do to get lurits numbers or is it provided by National?

RE: Please read: Request regarding Support - Pro-IT - 04-18-2019

You will need to follow up with your district office official, they will need to provide the xml files for your school and once receiving they need to be imported into the system via SAMS under Menu 17's batch processor tab

Valistractor Support - SarelK - 05-15-2019

Thank you for answering Pro-IT.

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