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Introduction : SarelK (Forum Administrator) - SarelK - 04-07-2016

Hi, everybody.

My name is Sarel and I will be your new forum administrator, working closely with Ashraf to ensure that you have as smooth a forum experience as possible.  Ashraf will be taking care of a lot of the technical stuff (he's really good at that!), while I will focus more on the forum administration side of things.

I am currently the ICT Manager at a Primary School in Bloemfontein (Free State). Among a myriad of other stuff, I also fulfil the role of SA-SAMS Administrator and would classify myself as a mid to intermediate user in most things related to the Foundation, Intermediate and Senior Phases. For a guy, I think that I'm pretty good at multi-tasking. Big Grin

I am interested in computers and gadgets (stuff that have lights and go "bling!"), martial arts, reading, watching series and movies, and I play the electric guitar.

My expectations for this Forum is to help the community grow, to assist where I can by either answering your questions or getting some answers for you, to learn with you, as well as to make some new friends along the way.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

RE: Forum Administrator: SarelK - Doneel - 04-22-2016

I am Doneel Bowers, educator/SNM at Eros School in the Western Cape. I was asked to look into the SA-SAMS for use at our school. I have done the installation and then a prompt comes up for me to "Log in" - on the Main Menu Screen of SA-SAMS. What am I doing wrong?

RE: Forum Administrator: SarelK - SarelK - 04-24-2016

Hi Doneel and welcome to the forum.  Smile

You will always be prompted for a user name and password for SA-SAMS.  It's a built-in security measure to protect your data from unauthorised access (like learners Tongue ).  As you get to grips with SA-SAMS, you'll create users for all your teaching staff, as well as admin staff that require access.  But, that's a topic for another day entirely.

If you've done the initial installation and installed the latest Patch (version 16.0.0 at the time of writing), you're good to go.  If not, download the patch from Thutong and install it.

Credentials for a newly created database will be:

Username: administrator
Password: admin
* Bear in mind that usernames are not case-sensitive, but passwords are (at the time of writing this).

Once you click on any module, you'll be presented with a screen to change your Administrator user's password.

1. Fill in your Surname and First Names in the appropriate fields.
2. Type your new password in the New Password field.
3. Repeat the new password in the Confirm Password field.
4. Click the Save button.
5. Record the password somewhere safe, that isn't easily accessible to others.

Some really useful resources can be found on Thutong and on FSDoE EMIS Portal.
Note: I'm not promoting the Free State EMIS Portal above that of other Provinces, but it has valuable resources and I'm most comfortable with it, being from Bloemfontein.

If you run into any trouble, please let us know.

RE: Forum Administrator: SarelK - Doneel - 04-24-2016

Thanks very much

RE: Forum Administrator: SarelK - SarelK - 05-03-2016

It's a huge pleasure, Doneel. You are most welcome.

RE: Introduction: Forum Administrator: SarelK - SarelK - 06-05-2016

Just wanted to apologise for my absence from the Forum.  Had a bit of Bronchitis turning nasty, into Pneumonia, then back to Bronchitis and it seems that we're beating this one at last.  Will get back to everyone on their questions and suggestions asap.  Sorry about the delay, but I really didn't feel up to hugging my mobile, let alone sitting in front of a PC or laptop.  Please PM me if there's something really urgent that I must attend to.