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Relocation to Secure Web Server - SarelK - 12-19-2017

Kindly note that we have moved our forums over to a secure server on 2017/12/18.  So, if you noticed that you are now being redirected from to, that is perfectly normal behaviour.  We are still in a process of making a transition of the landing page at, renovating the website and we will keep you posted as soon as this is done.

In the meantime, all SA-SAMS downloads and Manuals are still fully accessible on the current landing page (, while links on the forum have already been updated to access the downloads directly from the secure server.

Kind regards

RE: Relocation to Secure Web Server - SarelK - 02-02-2018

I am aware that some ill-informed individuals have been spreading rumours on Social Media that this is not the official SA-SAMS Forum. To clarify the matter:

1. Yes, we moved to a secure web server and we changed the domain from to

2. Yes, the landing page is not much to look at at the moment and it isn't fully updated. This will change as soon as I have some free time to dabble on that end. If there are any volunteers with good WordPress experience, please step forward if you have time free and would like to assist.

3. I setup a permanent redirect on the domain so that search engine robots (crawlers) can start the process of redirecting to the new URL, which takes time.

4. Yes, I am working on the Search Engine Optimization to get the page rank up.