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Bandwidth usage November 2017 - Ashraf - 12-01-2017

For the first time we have exceeded nearly 147.35 GB of bandwidth in the month of November 2017. More schools/teachers are using our website for their SA-SAMS downloads.

Thanks to Sarel for going the extra mile in assisting  people with their SA-SAMS issues promptly.

RE: Bandwidth usage November 2017 - SarelK - 12-04-2017

Thank you for your prompt action to set the new bandwidth limit, at such short notice, Ashraf. Simply couldn't do what I am trying to do without your support! Big Grin

The past couple of days have been hectic and I don't get to everybody that need assistance all the time. However, we are sometimes able to hook people up with their PED EMIS Sections, which helps a lot. So, to everybody out there that are selflessly putting in effort to assist other schools - thank you very, very much!