Full Version: Large Network Deployments
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Hi Everyone,

I have been noticing quite a few issues with users "forgetting" their passwords. I have tracked it down to client/DB version mismatches.

A possible solution to this would be to not allow the user to logon when the client version is older (lower) than the DB version. There would need to be a prompt stating: "The SA-SAMs client needs to be updated to connect to this database." I cant think of a use case where you would want to connect to a DB version newer than the client version

It would be neat to have the client update it self from a network share but i cant see this working in all cases as not all users may have administrative rights on their computers.

Has anyone got a way to do large deployments / updates of SA-SAMS in a networked windows environment? I am also interested in a way to have all SA-SAMS clients preconfigured with the DB location and also setting certain user settings such as "Show Menu/Option No". 

The idea behind these requests would be to make it easier for school staff to use SA-SAMS and put less strain on administrators/support staff.