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The South African School Administration and Management System (SA-SAMS), is designed for the South African Education Sector and is therefore aligned to education policies in that is release quarterly.  This ensures standardised implementation across all provinces and aims to assist schools with their administration and reporting.

Changes on SA-SAMS emanated from requests received from users and various policy owners. These changes are tabled nationally at the Education Information Systems Technical Committee with membership from all EMIS provinces. Changes on SA-SAMS are approved and signed off by the policy owner.

Upgrading to version 19.3.1

Version 19.3.1 contain corrections on various subjects that were identified by users. In term 1 only 5 subjects are affected with these changes i.e. Technology Gr 7 (removing one activity and changing Design total), CAT and IT Gr 11 (moving task from Term 2 and Term 1), TO: EMS Yr 2-4, Dramatic arts Gr 10 & 11.

2 new subjects was included on SA-SAMS: Marine Sciences Gr 10-12 and German 1st Additional Language Gr 10-12.  Schools offering these subjects should resubmit their databases in order to update the NSC Gr 12 registrations


Recommendations with upgrading to 19.3.1

Recommendations for schools to ensure that the upgrade process is easy and smooth:

  • In case of schools using exported excel spreadsheets:
    1. Keep on capturing on the exported spreadsheets – Except for Tech Gr 7, CAT & IT Gr 11, Dramatic arts Gr 10 & 11.
    2. Import the exported spreadsheets – run / 13; for imported subjects
    3. Run 12.9.18 for all grades except gr 7 and Gr 11
    4. Install 19.3.1
    5. Validate and capture marks for Tech Gr 7, CAT & IT Gr 11, Dramatic arts Gr 10 & 11, TO: EMS Yr 2-4.
    6. Complete process for Gr 7 and Gr 11
    7. Generate and print Quarterly schedule and learner reports
    8. Validate all other affected subjects.
  • In case of schools that captures directly on SA-SAMS:
  1. Install 19.3.1
  2. Validate all affected subjects.
  3. Continue capturing of marks for all systems
  4. Generate and print Quarterly schedule and learner reports.

Please feel free to contact the Provincial Province or contact the Provincial Province or send us a message [email protected] or [email protected] or [email protected] when reporting an error or require more information on SA-SAMS.

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The DBE SA-SAMS team