The South African School Administration and Management System (SA-SAMS), is designed for the South African Education Sector and is therefore aligned to education policies in that is release quarterly. This ensures standardised implementation across all provinces and aims to assist schools with their administration and reporting. Specific updates e.g. Curriculum updates are targeted for the first release of the year after verification by the relevant Subject Specialists. The updates are also aligned to the latest PAT requirements.

Version 19.0.0 therefor contains the 2019 Curriculum settings, ensuring that all schools will install the latest version for the first collection of the year.

Changes on 19.0.0:

This version contains the following updates:

  • 2019 Calendar
  • Updated Curriculum settings
  • P: subjects for the PID curriculum

Calendar and attendance:

  1. For audit purposes print a monthly attendance register (Screen 3.3.1)
  • Capture learner attendance every Friday on Screen 3.3.3
  • SMT can view attendance statistics on Screen 3.3.5
  • Generate monthly report on Screen 3.3.15 then submit the signed, printed copy to the district.
  • Capture Staff’s (Educator and other staff) attendance every Friday.


Update Curriculum and exam centre information (Screen 1.1 tab 2)

  • Identify and select the Curriculum that the school is offering and the Examination body that the school is registered with


Instructions for 2019 Curriculum Functions:

To prepare the database for 2019 the following need to be completed:

  1. Complete promotion / adjustment decisions (Screen 12.3.18)
  • Check that all marks are correctly captured on 12.3.12 (Marks cannot be changed in 2019)
  • To complete the Grade 12 year capture -1 for Term 4 exam task.
  • Complete the promotion/ adjusted decisions on 12.7.18
  1. Year-end function: closing off 2018 in preparation for 2019 (Screen 3.19)
  • Instructions on “What is new on 18.3.1”
  1. Select subjects (Screen 12.1.11)
  • New Subjects available for the SID and PID Curriculum – add new subjects that the school offers
  1. Design subject groups per grade (Screen 12.1.14)
  2. Assign subjects to learners (Screen 12.1.15)
  • Open screen 12.1.1, select a class and click on Subject sets (Top right corner)
  • Select a set and click add set to class or learner
  • Note that learner’s subjects are updated with in a phase. Subjects need to be assigned for new learners and learners attending a new grade.
  • Single subjects can also be added to a class or learner when needed
  1. Assign subject classes to learners and educators (Screen 12.1.16)
  • Assign educators to subject classes.
  • Assign learners to subject classes in order to generate subject class lists.
  1. Activate access control for educators to classes (Screen 16.13)
  • Assign educators to own subject classes.
  • Assign HOD’s to subject groups or classes
  • Assign Principal or delegate to Principal verification.
  • Activate the Robot
  • This will activate the mark export/import function.
  1. Verify the Programme of Assessment (Screen 12.3.11)
  • Change the dates of assessment according to the Assessment schedule of the School/ subject.
  • Verify the raw scores ( Scores printed in black can be updated to own scores)
  • Verify the weighting of the subjects.
  • “Open” the tasks for the educators to capture by clicking on the task status.
  1. Capture marks (Screen 12.3.12)
  2. System verification (Screen
  3. Assessment decision verification for the Quarter and printing of learner reports
  4. Generating Analysis schedules on 12.9.12 -16

We wish you all the best with the school’s administration for 2019

Please feel free to send us a message [email protected]or at [email protected] on any more information on SA-SAMS.

Kind Regards

The DBE SA-SAMS team